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Prices (example)


The tariffs for our services are negotiated with every client and depend on number of documents, activity aspects and client needs.


For example prices are as follows:


Global sum records
net price 150,00 PLN (up to 30 documents)

Receipts and expenses tax books
net price 200,00 PLN (up to 30 documents)

Commercial books / full accounting
net price 1000,00 PLN (up to 30 documents)

Personnel and social security documents
net price 50,00 PLN per each employee


Other services:


Preparing a chart of accounts and descriptions of accounting procedures (accounting policy):

simple chart of accounts - net price c.a. 200,00 PLN

expanded charts of accounts - net price c.a. 800,00 PLN


Establishing a company (documents, registration etc.) - 100,00 PLN


Preparing of balance sheet and income statement (annual):

for our clients - monthly price (as for accounting services)

for other companies (only annual statements) - 70,00 PLN per hour


Administration services (documents and statements preparing etc.) - 40,00 PLN per hour.